The Libra occupies top posts in retail markets, where it is necessary to have full strength on exhaustive explanations and wonderful appearances. They are good at creativity works too. The Libra people work in retail, cosmetic, textile, designing & printing, communications and advertising industries.

The Libra prefers to work in places which are rich in best odors; like flower bouquets, perfumes and perfumery works. Also number of Libra’s work in film productions, art & cultural troupes; also find jobs in acting/singing/dancing. 


The Libra’s are very strong in their financial position; they will not allow even the negligible money to slip away from them. The Libra people will never expose the true status on their income & the expenses. None can predict the actual financial position of the Libra people.

The Libras talk extensively about helping the needy person; but when the crunch time comes, the Libra’s will just slip away. The Libra’s will start to help a person, only if they are fully convinced about recollection of their dues. The financial help shown by the Libra people are highly dangerous; as they eye for bigger benefits from their victims. The Libra’s will never compromise on the financial matters.


The Libra’s never indulge in any corruption or look for short term gains. The Libra’s plans something big for their future course of actions. Either the Libra’s plans to acquire the establishment/business that they are working; or the Libra likes to be the main competitor for the same business.

Thus the Libra maintains a very low profile in their place of work. They quickly learn all the techniques. The Libra’s patiently wait for the right opportune moment; and strike heavy blow to everyone who happens to be standing on their way to success.

The Libra’s are dependable on the short run; and over run any one that puts them in charge for longer periods.


The Libra’s will never harbor any kindness towards their employee. The Libra issues immediate marching orders to anyone, who is staying beyond their needs. The Libra’s implement any plans that curtail their expenses and cut salary accounts in their business. 

The Libra’s are willing to work by them selves, if it helps them to save some costs. Thus all the employees who work under the Libra’s hate them too much. The Libra’s never worries about those employees who are disillusioned. The Libra’s plan all sort of tricks to track down those dissents with their employees. The Libra’s are too capable of putting a vice-like grip over their employees by making use of their weakness. Thus there will be mutual distrust between the Libra and their employees.

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