The Libra spends too much time on love and romance. The Libra’s romance period does not end with the marriage; they choose to continue even after the marriage. The Libra’s romance is always accompanied with the sexual interests too; their romance is not complete without sex.

The Libra’s are capable of managing multiple love partners. The Libra’s do not mind in continuing their love and romance affairs with someone, which is considered illegal and immoral.

The Libra faces the loss of reputations, degradations in their characters due to these immoral activities. But the Libra does spend money in their love affairs, if they find their efforts are going to pay-off. But the Libra never exceeds their pre-assigned expenditure limits for the love and romance affairs.


The Libra’s are too much obsessed with all forms of sex. In fact the Libra’ faces serious problems on their personal life, health and even with legal departments due to their sexual activities. 

The Libra’s are too much interested in reading pornographic materials; and even viewing the same. The Libra’s are interested in experiments on the immoral sexual activities too; it could reach even the vulgar level too.

The Libra’s are known for disturbing their partners for more sex; they do not mind the irritation of their partners. The Libra’s likes to involve in the sex, whenever they need it; this even lead the Libra to look for more sexual partners, which could even become illegitimate in nature too.


The Libra’s are careful in concealing their real motives to their love and the romance partners. The Libra’s basic humorous character helps them to finish their agenda on their romantic affairs.

The Libra takes extreme steps of shaping their appearance by dressing up in a gorgeous manner. They use all available gadgets, perfumes, lotions and every beauty products to perfect their image.

Thus it is quite impossible to judge a Libra with their appearance; in most cases, the partners of the Libra’s are fooled by these false calculations. The Libra’s are quite ambitious too; they try to climb the ladder of their life by using the love and the romance route.

Thus the Libra tries to lay their hands on rich and powerful personalities for their love and romance agenda. The Libra tries to recharge them financially even while involving them in the romance affairs.

The Libra tries to spend the money as low as possible for their love and romance affairs. The Libra’s are very particular on the money issues; that they do not damage them financially, while engaging in their romance affairs.

Also the Libra’s are very quick to change their mind/options, when they sense better opportunities elsewhere in the love and the romance affairs. Thus they will have two set of preferences for their love affairs; one for their marriage, and another one for their entertainment. The Libra’s choose the unequal partners for their marriage, if that partner satisfies their economic criteria. Thus most of the Libra's are undependable in nature on their romantic life. 


The Libra has a new meaning for love; that is sex and more sex. The Libra implements this new formula of love after their marriage. Thus the Libra beings to torture their spouse’s for more sex. The partners (spouse) of the Libra will start to feel the real impact of sex demands made by the Libra itself. The Partner gets a gut feeling of being pushed into a trap. The Libra will eventually demand sex, whenever and wherever they want. The Libra might even force their partner to perform some odd activities too.

If the partner is amenable to all the demands of the Libra, then everything goes on well. If the partner resist, then the Libra person will not fight and does not create any troubles. The Libra will not break their marriage ties too. Apart from the sex, the Libra will take care of their spouse on each and everything. They will not penalize their spouse for their non-cooperation on the sexual activities.
But the Libra makes a clear distinction between the marriage life and the sexual life. The marriage life includes the role of their spouses and their well being. The Libra will position their spouse in a comfortable position on every aspect of the daily life.

In the sexual life, the spouse does not have any role to play. This part of the story is fully dominated by the Libra itself. The Libra chooses their partners to indulge in all kind of sexual activities. But the Libra will not allow their sexual lifestyle to be of any hindrance to their married life. The Libra will look after their spouse very well and see to that they do not suffer about anything. The Libra will not let down their spouse till they are alive.



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