The Libra’s are known for perfect dressing up; and venture out only when they are fully satisfied on their dresses, appearance and make ups. They spend more time on sprucing up their make up/appearances. 

The Libra does not maintain the full hygiene standards. The Libra’s are good at making themselves quiet attractive even though their personal hygiene levels are too horrible.


The Libra’s are likely to be afflicted by any illness which is likely to accompany them during the rest of their life. The Libra’s are likely to face some bone and sex related sickness. At the old age, they could face problems in breathing too.
But all these illness makes the Libra to be worrisome; they may be forced to take medicines for longer periods. The positive point is that, Libra will not be down altogether with this illness; they continue their life as usual. 


The Libra’s woos their enemies by making pleasant speeches. The Libra’s always keeps the number of enemies to be very limited. The Libra’s voluntarily speaks to their opponents. The Libra’s confuse their opponents by making some favorable comments on them. Thus the Libra’s enjoy few opponents only; but they face very serious and dormant enemies who were affected by the Libra.


The Libra’s show more interests in movies, watching televisions and all form of entertainments that comes free. The Libra’s do not spend money or make huge expenses for their entertainment. But the Libra’s are quite willing to enjoy all forms of entertainment, only if the expenses are borne by someone else. 


The Libra’s are not quite interested in joining the politics. It is because that the Libra’s hate to spend any money; also they do not want to increase the number of opponents. The Libra’s get involved in the politics, only if they are very sure of making it to the top without many problems.



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