The Libra’s are soft, energetic and humorous too. Also the Libra’s are highly ambitious in nature; they always dream of coming up in the life. Generally the Libra’s used to take someone as their example/role model for growing up in the life.

The Libra’s ultimate aim is to become independent, rich and should lead a very comfortable lifestyle. They do not publicize their aim; rather maintain subdued presence, but works toward their perceived goal.

The Libra’s are fond of best food, dresses and entertainment in their routine life. Even though the Libra is poor, they prepare their food menu to their full satisfaction. The Libra prepares to have less food; but that food should be of excellent quality.

The Libra’s are very conscious of their appearance. The Libra’s never move out of their place without being properly dressed up. The Libra’s used to come out of their early morning bed, only if they are fully satisfied with their beauty and appearances. 

The Libra has the ability to convert their defeats, disappointments and the problems to their advantage. Even if the Libra’s are defeated in their actual life, their mind can not be defeated at any cost. The Libra’ will console them selves fast and help others also to come out of their troubles. 

The Libra’s will have interests in arts, drama, cultural, music and all kinds of entertainment. Some of the Libra will profess and actually involves into the great world of art & culture; they receive top recognition for their talents too. 


The ambitious nature of the Libra converts their mind to be more jealous. But their jealousies are limited to their well being and self improvement only. The Libra’s do not harm anyone with their jealousness. But this jealousness would eventually drive the Libra’s to be more aggressive on money, property and other material benefits.

The Libra’s are never worried about deceiving anyone; if that brings those gains and profits even in the short run. Thus the Libra always earns the notorious name in the society. The Libra’ will even put their family interest below the material gains like money, property and other assets.

The Libra has in-built weakness in the sexual matters. The true picture of the Libra’s perceived weakness would be known only to their spouse and the close associates. 


The Libra has moderate taste on jokes and their speeches are laced with humor. The Libra people always try to reduce the tension and the tense situation around them. The Libra always makes attempts to relax the moods of the people who are around them. But one should not take their relaxed mood as an indicator of their mindset.  


The Libra’s are known for their calm, soft and gentle approach. It will be difficult to find the Libra people who are very rude and frustrated; it is very rare to find the Libra persons who are doused with uncontrollable anger. The Libra always presents a calm and composed picture. The Libra hides their emotions within them, even when their anger and passions are running high. The Libra’ keeps their level of anger not more than few minutes/hours.


The Libra’s never use any harsh words that wound the people who are around them. But few Libra’s use some filthy words too. In general the speeches of the Libra’s are quite pleasant, lovely and enjoyable. Often the people believe that the Libra’s are with soft spoken attitudes due to their mild mannered and decent behavior. The Libra’s are good at speaking politely; and make others to be receptive to their speeches.

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