The Libra’s hold tight but gentle grip over their spouse. The Libra do criticize their spouse; mock the behavior of their spouse; show their lot of disappointment and resentment over their spouse. But in no case, it should not be taken as their indicated direction of their mind. The Libra people do not deceive their spouse fully. But the Libra does take necessary steps to ensure the health, wealth and the general well being of their spouse.

The break-in relationship with the spouse happens due to the unbearable attitude, worst behavior and maintaining the immoral sexual contacts by the Libra itself. Thus the Libra forces their spouse to take the extreme steps.


The Libra loves their children; work for their well being and the successful lifestyle too. But the Libra does not put their entire life at risk, for safe guarding the perceived interests of their children. To every Libra, their life and success comes in the first place; all other interests come next. 

This kind of attitude makes the Libra’s children to have negative thoughts and images over their Libra parent. Thus the Libra people suffer at their old age due to the indifference shown by their children.  


The Libra has a strong belief that the best way to show the love and affection for the family is to satisfy the financial needs of the family members. They fail to understand that there are so many issues in the life that are also important other than the financial issues.

The Libra’s are good at entertaining their guests and the relatives. The Libra people also make the guests & the relatives more comfortable with their humorous speeches and attitudes. Even after this welcome show maintained by the Libra, their guests and the relatives feel relatively uncomfortable.

Thus the Libra performs their lip service with dramatic actions. Thus the family members of the Libra’s are quiet wary of the promises, speeches and actions of the Libra itself.

The Libra puts their stranglehold over their family members on financial and property related matters. This will earn a very bad and notorious name for the Libra within their 


The Libra’s relationships with their brothers/sisters are quite murky in nature. The Libra’s maintain normal relationship with their brothers/sisters; but keep the growth of their brothers/sisters well under their control. They will play a double game with their relationships; the Libra’s help their brothers/sisters at regular interval, but deceive them mercilessly at the hour of their needs.

At the same time, the Libra people would never fully break their ties too. Thus the Libra’s earn a lot of brickbats for their selfish behavior. The Libra people will never care for those insults and treat those issues as inconsequential.

At the old age, the Libra will realize that they have brothers/sisters, only when there is any functions or at the time of any emergencies. 


The Libra’s have lot of friends in their young age; the number continues to go down during their lifetime. Finally the Libra people are left with no one to call them as their close friends.

The Libra’s friends will be disgusted with the behavior of the Libra. The Libra will keep their friendship alive with anyone, as long as it benefits them. The Libra’s do not strain their ties with their friends, who are richer and powerful than the Libra itself.

Thus the Libra will be surrounded by the selfish peoples who call themselves as the friends. The Libra also does not mind losing good friends. Thus the Libra considers anyone as their friends as long as it suits them.


The Libra’s woos their enemies by making pleasant speeches. The Libra’s always keeps the number of enemies to be very limited. The Libra’s voluntarily speaks to their opponents. The Libra’s confuse their opponents by making some favorable comments on them. Thus the Libra’s enjoy few opponents only; but they face very serious and dormant enemies who were affected by the Libra.

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